Navigating Your New Normal: A Road Map for Life Fulfilment After Trauma

Navigating Your New Normal is part memoir and part framework. It deals with the impact of breast cancer and loss on family members as well as a framework to help people find their way to fulfilment in the aftermath of trauma. Bamidele shares her perspectives as a teenage caregiver, loved one as well as being a breast cancer patient herself.

The 7-step framework is a practical map for people to journey from survival to thriving in their new normal journey. The encouragement is that even though life after trauma is drastically different to that, enjoyed previously, it does not have to be any less fulfilling.

What readers can expect:

  • Understand that a diagnosis of serious illness or devastation of any other kind of trauma doesn’t mean they stop living
  • Identify the importance of candour and vulnerability as those directly affected or loved ones
  • Realise that acceptance does not equal despair and hopelessness – they can be inspired to soar


Published September 2017

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Here are some reviews from those who have read the book:

"As I purchased the book I more or less expected dry theory on how to make life work after trauma, however I was pleasantly surprised. The author gives a very open and honest account of her own life, and multiple trauma's, in such a way that I just wanted to keep on reading. Then she spells out the theory on navigating (continuing to live life to the full), in a very lively, certainly no dry boring way that helps her readers to truly navigate to a 'new normal'. All who have gone through trauma in life, and I suspect that is most of us, will be helped by this book in unique ways. For me personally it was very reaffirming and encouraging to read that decisions I had taken, and were not always supported by my friends or family, were the right ones if I was to bloom again and stay true to who I am. Bamidele's words and her book helped take away my long carried guilt, something I had not expected when I opened the first page."

A. Blomberg


"I had the opportunity to meet Bamidele before I knew anything about her book. She is so full of life and love! I was surprised to learn the topic of her book. So much heartache but she walks about what she teaches in the book. She has learned how to navigate all the changes in her life and will inspire you to do the same. Thank you, Bamidele for sharing your story. I will never forget it or the lessons that came as a result."

B. Haire